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Who are we?

Executive team

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    Ezequiel Zavala

    Chief Product Officer

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    Francisco Brandolini

    Chief Technology Officer
    & Co-Founder

    Foto del director de tecnología y cofounder de abstract

    Alejandro Aparicio

    Chief Product Officer
    & Co-Founder

    Foto del director comercial de abstract

    Ignacio Raso

    Chief Comercial Officer

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    Matías Luzuriaga

    Chief Information Officer


Our Mission

Transform ideas into technology that will enable people to focus on what they do best.


Our Vision

Make history with great ideas.

Our Values



We learn and make progress with each step we take and every project we start.



Each member is an essential part of the team that helps us achieve our goals efficiently.


Constant innovation

We enjoy providing innovative solutions that make us stand out in the market.



We easily adapt to new circumstances, and we are aware that each project brings a new challenge and learning opportunity.

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