About Us

One team, multiple solutions

Who are we?

Our company specialises in research, design, development and production of software and electronic projects



We offer high - quality technological experiences, which provide a solution for our clients and strategic allies’ businesses.



We stand out as providers of solutions to technological issues, capable of supplying added value to organizations, with the aim of distinguishing themselves in their area of specialisation.


Our Values

  • Improvement: We learn and improve with each step and project we work on.
  • Synergy: Each member is an essential part of the team, working to achieve the goals with effectiveness.
  • Constant innovation: We enjoy providing innovative solutions, which distinguish us in the tech industry.
  • Flexibility: We easily adapt to new circumstances, considering each project is a new challenge and learning opportunity.

The Team

Board of Directors

Alejandro Aparicio

Electronic Engineer - CEO

Francisco Brandolini

Software Engineer - CTO

Matías Luzuriaga

Software Engineer - CIO

Ezequiel Zavala

Graphic Designer - CDO

Ignacio Raso

Bachelor in Marketing - CSMO

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