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Internal logistics web platform for distribution centers (WMS). It allows the integral management of products, orders, storage, billing, statistics, warehouse management, inventories, separation waves and hive reorganization, among others. The system allows to segment the functionalities by roles and permissions, and has a mobile interface for smart tag readers, integrated into the central system.


What did they need help with?

Dabra S.A needed a software to manage all the logistics of its e-commerce (Moov, Dexter and StockCenter). They had a very clear deadline with their WMS provider and had to have the new system in place in just five months. The company's objective was to modify the operation within the warehouse as little as possible and for that they needed 100% customized software to minimize the adaptation times of the operators to the new system.

Our objectives to be achieved

Five month deadline for the delivery of the fully functional WMS to process orders for a HOT Sale

Integrate the WMS to the different systems of the company (ERP, TMS)

Replicate the operations and understand the processes in order to meet customer expectations by cooperating on the adaptation

Integrate with HandHeld devices and develop software on old and outdated technology due to compatibility issues




We carry out an ON SITE survey of the entire distribution center in conjunction with the different heads and managers of the areas. We contemplated the functionalities that they needed for the WMS and we validate them with the client.



We defined a clear roadmap with deliverables for the client so that they validated and had full visibility of the process. We prioritized the different integrations so that everything was ready for launch.



We had an internal testing and QA stage and then we did an intensive UAT with the client to test each of the platform's functionalities and iterate the corrections.



We did a time trial launch for HOT SALE 2020 which was a success. The system was able to process more than 15,000 orders in its first week of life.

We designed their logo

Technologies we used

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