Our goal is to keep expanding our staff with passionate people, who like to research and engineer technical solutions for a variety of businesses; people who thrive in an environment full of challenges and learning experiences, and who also are willing to take part in this digital revolution!

Work with us

We are a team of professionals, who are passionate about providing high quality technological solutions.
We believe that technology shouldn’t be an obstacle, but a bridge that allows our clients to focus on what they do best.
To achieve this, it’s crucial to work in a dynamic environment, where communication, collaboration and flexibility are part of our everyday work.
If you identify with these points, don't think twice and join this digital revolution!

Why ABstract Solutions?

Excellent working environment

Collaboration, fluid communication and flexibility are part of our work culture.

Job growth

In an environment of permanent exchange we help you improve your skills and knowledge, proposing new challenges that will boost your career every day.

Flexible schedule

We trust that our team can manage its working hours based on their needs.

Home Office

At ABstract Solutions you have the freedom to choose the days you need to work from home.

Objectives based work

We like to work for objectives, rewarding their achievements.

Continuous training

We believe there is always place to learn and we give our co-workers the chance to make it happen.

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