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Bonita en Casa is a mass-used app that was designed to connect beauty professionals with clients. It has different categories of services and integrates payment methods to provide the best service for the best consumer experience. We achieved the goal with an aesthetic platform according to the values of the brand. Additionally, it has a BackOffice system to manage the platform in an intuitive and friendly way.


What did they need help with?

Bonita en Casa is a software-based company that needed to bring their idea to life. Its founders wanted to innovate in the field of beauty for women, and they wanted to do it through an app that would be able to provide services at home.

Our objectives to be achieved

Develop a web and mobile application in order to display services and book shifts

Develop key integrations with payment gateways and generate the scheme in order to divide such payments between beauty professionals and Bonita en Casa.

Create a live map with an algorithm that calculates the time for each service based on the professionals location.

Provide a safe environment for both users and professionals.




We carried out an analysis of the needs of the clients, focusing on their interests and providing our expertise to advise on how to achieve the best possible product.



We defined a clear roadmap with a schedule of deliverables so that our client could have full visibility of the process. We prioritize each integration so that everything is ready to go on the launch.



We had an internal testing and QA stage and then we carried an intensive UAT stage with the client to make sure each of the functionalities made sense and worked properly. Later we iterated corrections by performing on-site tests.



We released the app on the market despite COVID-19 restrictions, meeting deadlines and customer expectations.

Technologies we used

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